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When Absolute Vehicle Safety and Visability is required


Experience in all Reflective Signage requirements

Safety Conspicuity Signage. High Vis Vehicle Safety Signage Chevrons custom fit to each Project, Reflective Self Adhesive or Reflective on Metal/Alum panels. Class One, 3M* Diamond Grade*, Reflexite* or general Class 2. Reflective Decals and Labels of all sizes and quantities. There are many Manufacturers and styles but generally the products break down into two main catagories. Importantly there is a large price difference between products so careful choice is required meeting specific job requirements and budget.

Class One – The Highest reflectivity, Diamond Grade class 1 is the material used for Signage on Freeways, for lesser roads like Highways etc standard Class 1 is used often. Class Two –  is used for secondary road signs for example Street names and Keep Left Signs.

3M* Diamond Grade* Specifications:

  • Meet requirements set out in: – Australian Design Rule 13/00, 2005 (Appendix A – UNECE R48/03) – ATA Industry Technical Council Advisory Procedure for Heavy Vehicle Visibility – UNECE R104 Mandatory European regulations
  • No dirt and water penetration due to edge sealing
  • Vivid colours and bright white ensures maximum reflectivity and superior daytime color
  • Non-corroding
  • Strong Thick material
  • Special Cut and seal
  • Top Brightness rating

Reflexite* Specifications

Prismatic high brightness livery film
• Single layer PVC construction
• Prismatic reflective performance
• Very high brightness
• Compliance to AS/NZS 1906.1:2017 Class 400 (Class 1)
• Unique handling
• User friendly application
• Engineered to conform to demands of vehicle shapes
• Medium tack adhesive
• Flexible – great for application onto curved surfaces eg. motorbikes
• Easy to cut and no edge sealing required
• Withstands power washes
• Potential single piece removability
• Templates require fewer pieces
• Available in 7 colours, including fluorescent




*Registered names TM