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Reflective Prismatic Fluorescent Yellow Roll

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Avery Dennison Fluoro Yellow / Green OmniCubeTM Prismatic Permanent Edge Sealed Fluorescent Reflective Conspicuity Tape

50mm x 5 Metre Roll – Avery Dennison Fluoro Yellow / Green Omnicube is a microprismatic retroreflective edge sealed tape that takes full-cube reflective sheeting to a new level. OmniCube full-cube prisms are 100% efficient returning approximately 60% of the available light back to the driver compared to only 40% with other prismatic reflective sheetings. OmniCube’s Intelligent Cube Technology incorporates the needs of all vehicle types; trucks, SUVs, automobiles and motorcycles into one reflective sheeting. OmniCube is an OmniDirectional microprismatic film that incorporates tiles of full-cube microprisms arranged in multiple orientations. This feature “Smart at Every Angle” benefits agencies by providing confidence that all signs will perform with uniform visual reflectivity at all sign face orientations. Up to 12 years outdoor durability.



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