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Taking it to the streets

Turbo Charge your brand and use your vehicle as a mobile Billboard.

Full Wrap or Door Signage? – Your vehicle is working hard,  reflecting your Brand 24Hrs a day 7 days a week!

So whilst your vehicle is out on the road prospective buyers can see you.

So is it expensive?  The cost of signage can vary greatly but when spread over the life of the average business vehicle a full wrap could cost as little as $4.00 a day – or for a clean sharp door sign just a few cents PER WEEK!

Why not make your vehicle pay for its self!

Sounds interesting?

Lets have a chat on how we can help you.

Do I need to WRAP?

The Impact of a full wrap is quite remarkable however we have found that neat Logo based graphics or even partial wraps are the most requested choice for our clients. These by far are the most cost efficient way of getting your name out there. We have completed 100’s of these types – TIP – the less Signage to be installed  = less time the vehicle is off the road.

OK, So how much?

  • Indicative Prices.

  • Prices based on Quality film with laminate.

  • Does not include Artwork

  • Please ask for custom pricing for your project

  • Commercial vehicles – Roof is not wrapped unless specified in quote

  • Vehicles are to be delivered to us clean and dry.

Why use us?

We are Trade Trained Specialists with 40 years Graphic Design, Manufacturing and Installation experience.

The choice of the size of the Graphics is yours – Possibly a Loud “Look at Me” approach is needed or maybe a more corporate and neat smart look would be a better choice (or maybe something in between!). All of which can be achieved at a great price.

Our Process

  • 1).MEET & GREET : We can get an understanding of your requirements and objectives. From that we can provide recommendations.
  • 2).OUTLINE OF JOB : Once Job Objective is identified we aim to provide you with a quote within 24 hours. Once approved a 50% deposit is paid which will get the design process started.
  • 3). OUR DESIGN PROCESS : This will generate your unique layout which will be supplied for approval or changes prior to production commencing.
  • 4). ONCE YOU ARE HAPPY : Once agreed with the design all you need to do is sign and return the go ahead which will enable us to commence production
  • 5). BOOKING : We will then arrange a suitable time to book in the work. The time it takes to install varies with the complexity but we can discuss this early in the process.


Email: Call 0418 318 103