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Taking it to the streets

Turbo Charge your brand and use your vehicle as a mobile Billboard.

Full Wrap or Door Signage? – What ever style is chosen your vehicle is working hard, wherever it is you will be seen,

reflecting your Brand 24Hrs a day 7 days a week!

So is it expensive?

  The cost of signage can varies but when the overall cost is spread over the life of the average business

vehicle a full wrap could cost as little as $4.00 a day – or for a clean sharp door sign just a few cents PER WEEK!

Why not make your vehicle pay for its self!

Sounds interesting?

Read On for my 10 Point Guide for Vehicle Signage.


Being Brand Smart

The Advertising market is constantly changing and refreshing itself with new ideas and trends coming through all the time. So it goes to say that by harnessing certain methods and tools small business can achieve great Brand impact which enables them to connect to as many prospective clients as possible.

Sure there are plenty of ways to spend your advertising dollar online and through other media platforms but what are the options?

The spend on traditional print advertising is down slightly, this softening has been happening over recent years but the growth has been coming from Online and “Out of Home” (OOH) advertising platforms. The OOH (Out of Home) segment was around 7% up last year- to approximately 1 Billion dollars (AU)

So what exactly is “Out of Home” advertising and is it relevant to me?

OHH Advertising covers media and advertising outside a consumers home. The interest in this area has been consistently high and generally covers platforms like Billboards, public spaces and transport like Buses,Trucks, Trams and General transport.

Old is new – with the market being hot even new Phone booths are springing up in the major cities, I’d expect not just so consumers can make more calls but so the owners can sell advertising space on them!

Media buyers and sellers in this Medium have data showing healthy return on investment as the results are showing that by taking the message out to meet the public there is effective cut through to the consumer.

So as I mentioned there are plenty of ways to spend your advertising dollar online and through other platforms but can small business use knowledge of different mediums to their own advantage?

By Adapting the “MOBILE BILLBOARD ADVERTISING” idea to business vehicles this little Gem works out to be one of the most cost effective forms of OOH Advertising there is.

 Returns can be calculated by taking into consideration the initial cost of Vehicle Signage divided by the amount of consumer views or “impressions” of your brand impact. This in turn allows you to connect to as many existing and prospective clients as possible.


Brand Awareness made easy



1). What Design should we use?
Depending on Budget, layouts can vary greatly. Do your research, save images of things you like , or just ask – your Signwriter or Graphics expert will assist.
Layouts with a clear message work best. Tests have shown on average the reader will only have 2.5 Seconds to read the message (unless they are stuck in traffic behind you!).
This means keep the contact details to a minimum for example you can usually get away with just a Web address and maybe a phone number. Once your brand is seen most people will just google your name anyway.

We believe by clever design the amount of Wrap film used can be less which results in a more efficient job.
One tip is to use the colour of the Vehicle in the design. This smart choice not only saves money by using less film but if designed well can have just as much impact as a full wrap!
Also its worth noting that using photos in a wrap can sometimes lessen the overall design impact.

2). How long will a wrap last?
Depending on film placement somewhere between 3-5 years of serviceable life.
Generally film placed on a Bonnet or roof will deteriorate faster as these areas get more Sun and general weathering. Most High quality films will show signs of fading and degradation in about 3 years, but usually film applied to vertical surfaces will last longer.

This is why quality High performance films work best, brands like Avery and 3M have quite well known quality films, but others like Arlon, Hexis and Oracal have great products in this market as well.

3). Will my new Wrap damage the paint?
NO – usually OEM paint (original from factory) will not be damaged – in fact the paint under the film will to a certain extent will be protected.
Sometimes there is a small ghosting left on duco – (sometimes where text was on a door) this is usually removed by a cut and polish.

4). How much will it cost?
Basically the more film you put on the vehicle the more it will cost. Simple but effective door signs can be around $100 per door – up to a full wrap on say a Hiace Van could set you back $4 – 5K.
There will be Artwork costs in your quote – good things do take time. Money spent in this area will benefit you in the long run.
Be organised and get any copies of your logos and Artwork together with colours ready to hand onto your Signwriter. Sometimes even previous Art approval emails from suppliers of your business cards will be helpful.

5). Payment – will a deposit be required?
Yes  – generally a deposit will be required upon booking.

6). How long does it take to install a Wrap?
Full Wraps are labour intensive but should be completed within 1-2 working days whereas smaller door signs can be whilst you wait.

Other critical things which can effect the time the vehicle is off the road is how clean it is upon delivery (don’t wash it on the way to getting a wrap!) Wash it in the days prior. Wet cars cannot be wrapped until dry!
Wrappers may also disassemble some components, like door handles and taillights – this all takes time.
For removal – it is usually quite straight forward – but speak to your supplier.

7). How do I choose the right Sign shop?
Go and visit the company, ask for photos of previous work, ask around for recommendations. In the Graphics industry now it is common for most companies to say “they do the lot!” make sure they are a good  fit with your requirements. 
Does the Signage need to be installed at the Wrappers workshop? Generally YES – Wrappers usually have a controlled environment where their work is completed.
Things like temperature , Wet or Dirty environments, dust, wind need to be controlled to obtain best results.

8). Does the vehicle paint need to be in good condition?
YES Paint needs to be smooth and have gloss to get the best adhesion for film – factory finish Duco is the best. Undercoated vehicles can work but are risky.

9). Will the wrap hide dints or panel damage?
NO – In fact film installed over damage usually will highlight any dints or scratches. GET IT FIXED FIRST! 

10). What happens if our Wrapped Vehicle is involved in an accident?
Your Signwriter will work with your panel beater to organise replacement graphics. (though it Prob pays to inform your insurance company of your vehicle signage in the first place).

If you have any queries, or if I can help further please drop me a line @

About the Author – Craig Farquharson commenced his Trade back in 1982 as a Printer working for Deneefe Signs. He studied at the Melbourne College of Printing and Graphic Arts for 3 years and then completed further studies in Letter Press, Flexography and Camera Operation and Pre- Press in Print. Experienced in Screenprinting OEM 3M Automotive decals for Australian vehicle manufacturers like Holden and Nissan, Printing and manufacturing National Road Signage plus many products for the Australian Defence Force. He worked at Spandex Asia Pacific (one of the worlds biggest sign supplier’s ) for nearly 10 years in Sales and marketing – Which enabled him to take an active role in running many Trade events in Melbourne and Sydney.
Since the late 90’s he has his own company EXO Signs and graphics. A company that was setup primarily to service the Fleet application and retail market for some of Australia’s largest companies.

Copyright Craig Farquharson Exo Graphics Pty Ltd 2020. No reproduction or distribution in full or partial allowed unless authorisation in writing from author.

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